The ‘femivore’: New breed of feminist, or frontier throwback?

Have locavores and feminists — factions that a few years ago, some bloggers believed to be fundamentally at odds — become allies?


Guinea Pig Festival

Related to our class discussion on food avoidances…

The guinea pig festival in Peru:

SAFN Launches New FoodAnthropology Blog

via American Anthropological Association by Dinah on 3/10/10

Congrats to the Society for the Anthropology of Food and Nutrition (SAFN) on the launch of the FoodAnthropology blog at The launch was accompanied by a welcome message encouraging SAFN members to contribute news and research info by contacting David Beriss or Rachel Black at

Sunday’s post “Moving beyond text: using video to share research on food insecurity” provides a glimpse of what blog readers can look forward to. You can also connect with SAFN on Twitter @foodanth and join their Facebook group.

Why a Salad Costs More Than A Big Mac


A great article and history on ceviche and fish and chips….

…and generally a nice food blog to check out!

Implications of Agriculture

Bill Law investigates the causes and consequences of the great global land grab, as richer nations and multi-national corporations acquire vast tracts of land in developing countries.

Big corporations and countries are eying up Africa for mega agricultural development. Critics call it the new land grab, but Africa can benefit from the expertise, infrastructure and equity that such developments bring – if the terms are right. Bill visits Kenya to weigh up the pros and cons of agricultural super projects in a country wrestling with food insecurity.

Cooking and Photoshop

A fun video: